Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I will sing you
As it was
The first time
When I fell in love.

Just as you came
You also drifted
Over and over again.

I spoke of my past
And you spoke of the future
As if we were dating at.

But we were only
Good friends
In different universes
That joined it in wreck.

Things changed a lot
When you gave account
That you were not alone.

They broke your heart
And you broke mine
In future time

And I leave a world
Where love
It was a principle

And then that voice
He heard background
It was a cry in the silence
When the world stopped.

Today I wonder
If it was worth the time
That I had given
And change my universe.

I still walk all the monuments
That I had built,
The songs that we had singing
I do not forget them.

This happen
When I was
Eighteen years
And I told you I love you,
And I need you.

But that month
I had no rest,
As my heart
I didn't love.

Chapter VII: I Do

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