Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Guys, Girls

Because what I write
Doesn't have any sense
And I want that you can think
That this is the truth that they hide then
When you see him playing
Or you see her dancing
O when he see you straight
And she give her hand,
Every sensation
Have signification
And why you don't have fearless
I will say you the certain

I see him from the stands playing football
His sweat loses in every muscle
His back has the anchor
And his chest dazzle to creator

Guys have the force of a lion
Guys give their furor
Guys have the complexion
Guys are what I want

Now this is the story
Of that girl
Who gets in the discotheque
She sees her hips
Her silky skin
Starts to sweat
And her fleshy lips
She wishes to kiss

Girls stand out their FIGS
And hes lips search of harmony
Girls see their hips
Girls just want to try

Girls have the softness
Girls know to touch
Girls have the skillfulness
Girls want to exude

No fear
Tell what you have felt
And what you have imagined

Album: Baby Love

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