Friday, December 6, 2013

We Are Love


I know in somehow that I'm in your heart
Because your eyes sigh love and passion
When testing the pain of my broken heart
While somehow I bandache yours.

Look no further the truth in what already is may not,
I am the lie of this metaphysical metaphor
Where rule what you cannot see
And leave what is actually important.

Your kisses will be my cure,
Your hugs my medicine,
When the world make us sick,
It is sufficient to look at me.

Today I am grateful for having broken heart because it is how
I went deeply into your heart
For a little love, a little bit of desire, a little bit of everything
What they denied when we deliver this treasure without condition
But no obligation at this time
You're my love, I am your love, we are love.

Chapter VIII: When Love Is Closed

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