Wednesday, December 4, 2013

When You Whisper Me In This Way

My mind is white when you touch me in this way,
And If I told you what happens when you whisper me in that way,
I know that you would like to, I know that you would not hold it
When you whisper me in in this way, when you whisper me in that way.

I know what you like when without hesitation I touched your bare back
And as a battle you are looking for my weakness at edge of cheeks,
Tell me that you love me, I say that I love you, everything goes very fast
But I know I'm not lying, I know that you do not lie when you say it that way.

Don't give up so fast, the flag is still by tipping
Not you went down the guard at this time, still fighting.

Chapter VIII: When Love Is Closed

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