Monday, December 2, 2013


They designed a plan that I didn't want to make a reality,
They said that I should search instead of waiting,
But like a rocket ascending everyome wanted to take off
But I don't want to leave this world.

Not pretend to be a priest who preaches and does not apply them
And what I say, I write so is obvious,
Because I am an asteroid that instead of climbing, you want to get down
Because deep is who the world governs.

I come into the deep darkness of the universe
Of a planet that many years exploted
And now I have God on one side and the devil on the other
Because you can not succeed if not you're with both.

Ask the Rockefellers, owners of everything you see
Don't confuse power with the money that you now have,
Because religion is part of your company, but today you do not believe me,
Because in the background even if you do not see it, everything I say is true.

You don't have to fear me although I get Sky
Because I am an asteroid who on Earth wants to crash,
Do you see that kite glittering next to the Moon stopply?
Because I am an asteroid, asteroid, asteroid. 
I'm about to hit.

IOI - Written by Damian - IOI 

Chapter VIII: When Love Is Closed

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