Monday, December 9, 2013

With Your Kisses

This happened at the time that neither hope,
I didn't look for you, you didn't ask for me but here we are both,
The songs also have agreed and the track at that point is empty,
I was alone, you were alone, we danced alone in the room,
What are you looking with that attitude? Wondered stunned,
I was hiding in the crowd, but You found me just in time.

You refined your arm to my side, two words were enough for acceptance,
But that was not all, yet that was all to believe in love,
And I was in the outside world where you can touch the stars without fear,
And that was what happened, although by the way I did not know what was going on,
What is this doing? I ask warily,
But do not stop doing what he was doing, he didn't because to do so.

Because You raise me with your kisses,
You enchated me with your kisses,
You fooled me with your kisses,
But nobody is aware of this.

You drunk me with your kisses,
You excited me with your kisses,
You doped me with your kisses,
But this is our secret.

Chapter VIII: When Love Is Closed

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