Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Magic Of His Love

I was always that person
Who never wanted to show his core
Insecure and dubious,
But when the life challenged him to swim
Over the pride and the vanity
He found his kindred spirit
And his life.

He raised me to the Heaven
And showed me the universe,
It is the beautiful
Of the magic of His love,
He showed me the paradise
When His lips touched mine,
That is the grandiose
Of the magic of His love.

In His arms I find the support
That I need to keep singing
About the love,
Without Him there's not point
To keep fighting by my dreams
Because You are my best dream
And wish,
I don't want to forget Ya
I'd rather be dead today
If You're not here,
If You're not in me,
Inside of me.

His kisses are glorious
That fill of passion my song
Because in His lips I can search
The magic of His love
Because His eyes are the perdition
Of the treasure hunters
Because in His glow is alive
The magic of His love

I want to show it all the world
What they are losing
Because in His wonderful soul
Lives the love

Because He changed my creed
And changed my voice
And therefore I love Him
And the magic of His love
Because I'm alive to tell
Because with Him I feel gay
It is the wonderful
Of the magic of His love

Album: The Fame.


  1. Awe that's wonderful :) you need to keep writing!

  2. i realy loved it! you're a professional poet