Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A World Without

The fresh air touches my face
In a summer dew
In every drop is the silence
From the broken heart doleful

I want to fly
Of the stars
To can sing you
This song
And over the sun
I burn my heart
Between the ash from the love
In a world
Without credo

I just believe what I feel
And if the destiny is real
I am so grateful
In the desicions of my soul
And I hope your love
From your mouth

Stop to fight
Against the tide

I want to swim
In the costs
Of the fantasy
And pour the last drop
Of desire
And with that moon
Like a witness
I'm going to know the mirror
Of his dimension
In this world
Without credo,
Without direction,
Without orientation,
Without salvation,
Without love.

Album: The Fame