Saturday, June 9, 2012


I would wish wake up alone
On the clouds from another world
Forget the love that I hold
And surrender before continue going to the war.

Everything what I do is run
Where you can not see me,
A place where my heart
Forgets what the lose is
And stop to hate myself  by love ya
To find that mourn finish

You don't know the pain of being
Ignored from your head,
The days pass heavier
And the pressure to be beloved
Increases with the beats from your love
And the heat from your body in my core

Everything what I do is run
To able to forget you
Where my heart can act
Every time free the most,
Let me fly over my light
And rewind the time when I loved you

I repent of the love
That I don't doubt that I gave it you no condition,
You circumvent of my gift now
That I have in love and odium

Everything what I do is run
Far away from you,
I know that soon I will find
Someone who will love me so
And I'll let that you leave again
To reborn again
To love again.

Album: The Fame.

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