Saturday, April 27, 2013

My Angel

Before that I saw you
It had no sense to live one day more,
But to cross the door
I felt that I could come
And be part of your world
If you would see my soul,
Because I lost in your eyes
Full of mysterious dark
Which spark to see mine.

The darkness consumes my white innocence,
The pain connects with the color of my eargerness,
But I feel you
And I feel in the Heaven
And to touch your face
I read your life in one second,
I know that they broke your heart
The mine is heart in a lot of parts
But I want to take risk with you,

Cover me with your wings
Of the tireless doubts,
And let me listen it
The heart that you're still locked

If you love me
Please, don't leave me,
I will love you
And I will show you what love is,
Save me
Of the loneliness that cover me
And just then
You will be my angel.

Chapter IV: Enclosed

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