Thursday, January 23, 2014

Give Me Your Heart

Remember the day when you said that you won’t fall in love
And you looked at me by distance, you smiled and wanted to know more,
And here we are, alone and looking for a little of love
But to see us, we find it how all this can end up to you.

The implanted mystery over your dark eyes
Sailing in the bright of the summer over your skin,
But you go, and look for a reason to let me go,
Don’t search, don’t call but you don’t hung me up at all.

To cross our lips
To a deep kiss
The silence is the battery
To a tired spirit

Give me your heart, I will give you mine,
Give me your love and I’ll give you my passion,
No protest or religion, just revolution
For that reason give me your heart

I’m broken too and hurts a lot
Let the time heal this rancor
Don’t want to break or damage your heart

Just give me your heart.

Book I: Yin Yang
Chapter I: My Heart Is Dead

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