Monday, January 20, 2014


I don’t want to face the fears of my brokenhearted
I want to sail to a hot place
Where the teardrops dry so fast in your chest
And cross the deadline of the ignorance.

Overacting and acting about the double-dealing
Of wishing you succeed and happiness,
Breathe while my spirit screams
And throw up the love which hurts me.

Delete the lines of my journey
Therefore the letters fall down each other,
Because I need you just one time
Therefore for a second I feel your lover.

Forget it feels
Have and lack,
Win or lost
And fall in love

Because it’s a damnation this knowledge
Which hurts my soul and heart and condemn to pain,
I prefer lose myself in the sea of my imagination
And delete all the time we are getting to

Book I: Yin Yang

Chapter I: My Heart Is Dead

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