Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Perfect Decision

What a wrong I have been
Looking for love in neon lights
I’ve decided just listen
The stars that today talk to me

Mistreated, humiliated and rejected
I always have been and I always will be,
Destroyed, mistaking and depressed
Have been my love and my heart which I save.

I don’t want to hear your reviews
Of how it is or how it should,
Close my eyes and open the way
Because in my heart you will be

It’s incredible and complicated
And you enclose me in this universe
But if something is true in all of this
It’s that I know loving like no one else

Mistreated for a vanity heart,
Humiliated for a spirit no compassion,
And I still try and try
But I didn’t achieve a grain of love

Rejected for my condition and stratum
Destroyed for the opposition of the world
And I was wrong, all time along
But this time, but this world…

I’m so sorry but I don’t want love
This is my perfect decision
But you come in this second
And you're my perfect decision

Book I: Yin Yang
Chapter I: My Heart Is Dead

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