Sunday, January 19, 2014

Writing Blur

I want to be clear from this moment
That you won’t suffer o hurt my brokenhearted
Sometimes I prefer to be rejected
Than I should search all the time your lips.

The time and distance slip us away
And a nocturnal thief gagged our lips
And when I came back because I thought it was prudent
Because I didn’t want to invade you, you forgot me

Because you run in colors
I cried between my own sorrows
Then I wrote that you deserved it
Because I worth it

Because if a year ago you would had clear me
That I wasn’t your type
Today I wouldn’t writing blur
With teardrops in my soul
To see you happy
In arms of another guy
And I’m not by your side.

Book I: Yin Yang

Chapter I: My Heart Is Dead

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