Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Guess What

Hear my voice right now, it is not the same of before
That you can cut it out when you wanted and want,
But this dark attitude that today it’s my own,
Doesn’t want that you’re happy, it wants you down.

You’re the prototype that I always wanted
But you are the type who doesn’t know what it is,
His hair on fire shows you his seriousness
But when he’ll steal your bed with other, you’ll know it.

The feeling of jealous hatred
Which grows up in my head
Sings you this terrible song
While laughs of your sorrow.

Guess what, what it comes now
Because this time you don’t fall me down,
Know what, what it doesn’t exist
What I felt for you when I see.

Cause now I go out
And show out who I’m right now,
Guess what, what it feels
My heart when sees the moon.

Book I: Yin Yang

Chapter I: My Heart Is Dead

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