Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Shut Up

I don’t fix in this space because somebody invades my achievements
I feel less than his hair which burns like the flames of the hell,
You, the same doctor that I have met
I, just a singer.

You threw me out of your home although I paid more of the rent
And when I came back, you’d open and close the door front my face,
You, the idiot that I have met
I, just dumber

You, the most happiness man of this planet,
While I am, the dumbest.

So shut up, shut up, shut up for love,
Now I am a professional in this job,
I don’t want to know where your home is
Although right by it, I gotta sing.
So shut up for love and let it go
I pray that I will never meet you.

Book I: Yin Yang

Chapter I: My Heart Is Dead

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