Friday, January 17, 2014

Dance Alone

Don’t search what no one wants to give you
Or know what I know because it is so cool
So if you want to see, you should hear me before.

If you want a time this place is crowded
Of people who don’t respect their bodies,
Because I prefer be alone, sing and dance.

The night is over and it despairs too
Should run to they leave me alone,
Don’t touch, stay away or I’ll push on.

Over you face I want to laugh
And you’ll see what it feels to be rash
And so then you can see what you lost.

Dispel yourself in the crowd
And if you don’t like my new attitude,
It’s because I don’t want to share my plenitude
Who someone who get a lot senectud
Yes, it’s you who I’m talking too
So you can go to fuck you cum.

I am my own company and I don’t need your sorry
Let’s search another clown who has more makeup than wish
Although that is all and it’s a start for all

Because I prefer to dance alone than dance with you.

Book I: Yin Yang
Chapter I: My Heart Is Dead

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