Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Hey, you know that I don’t wanna know although it’s inevitable and that hurts
And then photographs of him in all your profiles make me down,
But remember my words, before you go because I will not say them anymore
If you want to go back right now after he goes, I will charge all my teardrops.

I was who called you, always looked for you and you sometimes replied me
And it was when in your home, over your savannas you wanted just one part of me
I felt like an idiot and a fool, when you said goodbye and alone in my room,
My world suddenly fell down, but I said I’m sorry and I wanna that you know how I feel

I will not look for you
But neither I will leave you alone
Look how you get me now
Never I was a too fool.

So go fuck yourself and leave me alone with this pain
I want revenge, revenge, I’m gonna revenge
But not like you want, or neither you’ll know the way
But revenge, I want revenge, I’m gonna revenge

Book I: Yin Yang

Chapter I: My Heart Is Dead

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