Monday, September 24, 2012


I don't want to be like everyone
I prefer to be crazy,
But I'm even being excentric
Your eyes don't come off to the mine,
I close my eyes and the wind's
Becoming your hands,
You touch my face and the moment
I feel your lips next to mine.

More, more, more and more.,
Come with me to dance
Over the light of the moon,
I can not outstay
With all that desire to know,
But just in the end
Nothing actually happens
Although I want now

I don't want that you leave,
Don't you want to touch me?
Your eyes can not lie
You want what we can't live,
I taste your mouth and the rain
Slowly slides in your face,
I look your soul and the end
I know that we think in the same.

More, more, more and more,
I want to love
In the darkness,
Let me listen to
Your concert
But at the end
Nothing of that happens
Although I want now

Dream costs nothing
But now
That the moon
Helps me to dream,
Dream costs nothing
But never
The stars
Searching his looking,
Dream costs nothing
But now
The fantasy's
Becoming in real.

It's not compared
To live this reality,
There's not lies
Or liabilities which unites us,
And at the end
There's nothing
But although I want

Album: It's Not My Religion.

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