Sunday, September 30, 2012

Where They Are The Demons

I don't think to go back
I'm very far away to look back,
I will break that promise,
I don't want tags
Or rules which govern my life
I'm gonna make mine.

I´ll walk away, so far,
I don't have salvation,
I will cry much, too much,
I already lost all.

Where they are the demons
Without rights to be saints,
I don't wanna a lecture
Just give me your love.

Because everybody
Has lost the control
And they sold to the Devil
Although the reverse, they say the contrary,
And It's doesn't have sense
Go against of the earth,
That doesn't have logic.

I'll fall down, very down
Close to Abaddon,
And you next, to my side
You will cry that.

Where they are the demons
Waiting our souls
And there wasn't God
To get out of that,
He just arrives in that term,
You lose your time
Believing this.

Because everybody...

Album: It's Not My Religion.

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