Sunday, September 23, 2012


Although the storm abounds
And there are not signals to stop,
The clouds will go
The sun will shine soon
And the love's
Still keeping its course,
Because you are near,
My soul sings me up
And yells up:

I know that you want me
And never you stop,
And although I cannot see you
I know that you exist,
The sun tells me,
And although they can't see you,
And although they can't hear you,
They know who you are
And it's because
The sun tells them.

Its strong rays uses to touch me,
I feel alive and I see me free,
And although some can't understand
What my eyes witness
I won't stop to believe
That I love you
And I have you in my heartbeats,
Oh, my God.

I know you can see me,
I know you understand me
Although complicated I used to be
But I know
That the sun tells me all,
And although they ignore you,
And some hate you,
I won't stop loving you
Because I know
That the sun tells me all.

Let me be what you have looked for,
And be your reason
And your love.

Because you pursue me,
Because you know me
And I also loved you
And I'll love you,
The sun tells me all,
Although I doubt a lot
Or sometimes I feel alone,
To have your heart is enough
Because you are the sun,

Album: It's Not My Religion

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