Saturday, September 29, 2012


I signed up a contract
With the church and no with God,
Who would said
That it's satanic all of this?,
Well, to manipulate
Just it's necessary
The fear and the religion
And a culpable duty,
But at the final
Just stay the coins
That the Pastors
Know how to get them
Stealing your soul
And your misery live
To win
With cunning.

But God is heedful
And with curses on hand,
And although God is good
He won't doubt to uncover your mistake,
I tasted His curse
And it's more delicious than the vice
And now it's your turn
To sign up the contract.

Many judge
My way to act
Like if I were
Part of their clan,
But they're not looking
From what they're showing,
I'm so sorry
But they are the wicked,
I don't play to be God
Or take his job,
I know that I'm sinner
And I'm not so cynical
To stand up to preach
A lot of lies
That I hate
And I detest.

But God is looking
Like acting your selfishness,
And even God have His selfishness
He knows how to punish it,
I tasted His hands
When they hanged my ego
And it was my best orgasm
But it's your period
To feel it.

Because your selfishness
I live this,
Just I wait
That He won't be so severe,
Because your pride
I suffer this
But today
It's your time.

Because God heard my crying
Due to your sins,
And although God is hating me
He knows what just is,
I tasted His hate
And it's the best caress that I've felt
But according my contract
It's your time.

Album: It's Not My Religion.

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