Tuesday, September 25, 2012

In Danger

You saw me in danger,
You saw me in danger,
But you prefered to sink everything
To get your win,
Are you listening me?
Are you looking me?
But your great achievement
Was turn me into a monster,
You saw me in danger
But you loosed my hand,
And you want that I don't yell
But you want I kiss your feet.

But I don't judge you,
But God is looking,
And listen to you.

You tore my soul
With all your force
When I deserved to keep on,
And my heart you broke
Against the ground
When I deserved to love,

You want my forgiveness
But you're already forgiven,
You saw me in danger,
You saw me in danger,
But I won't stop the God's hands
When He will judge your doings,
I know that you listening,
I know that you are attentive,
But by the same thing
I left this deceit.

But I don't judge you,
God is doing right now,
He's writting all.

You destroyed my crave
With your hypocrisy
When I deserved to fight,
And my faith you cracked
With all your fury
When I deserved to sing,

All the seasons
Which won't return.

If I wasn't judging you
Why was you daring to do?

You removed my innocence
With your selfish pride
When I deserved to conquer,
You hurted my life
With your speech
When I deserved to dream,

Album: It's Not My Religion.

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