Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hopefully (Remember)

This empty
Which fulls my silence,
And the loneliness
Which doesn't leave me
They talked about those times
When I believed in the love
But the past is the past
Even if I'm still living it on.

Remember when our glances
Weren't stop to hug each other,
Hopefully you could remember,
Hopefully you could listen,
Or when you sang me
And you was staring at me
Hopefully you could forget,
Hopefully you could observe.

The odyssey
Starts with find the peace
Of love or forget
The moments of that phase,
It's not worse to hate,
That you get over,
But you're gonna forget
It's hurt than ever.

Remember when the stars
Observed our chat,
Hopefully you could talk
Hopefully don't bother you,
I remember your beautiful glow
When you wanted to love,
Hopefully that you will read it,
Hopefully you don't hate me.

I don't want your love,
Your begs or forgiveness,
Your passion or your hate,
But never you're gonna forget
How much I loved you, how much I love you,
But never you're gonna change
What I loved, what I love,
But never you're gonna stop
What I wanted, what I want,
Hopefully you never,
Hopefully you ever.

Remember the light which illuminate you
Because my heart sends you,
Hopefully you could love,
Hopefully you could...

Album: It's Not My Religion.

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