Friday, September 21, 2012

So As The Time

So as the time goes
And nothing is the same
In that way I'm gonna change,
Change, change,
So as the time doesn't back
But you advance
In that way I'm gonna forget ya,
Forget ya, forget ya.

God, God.

It was the midnight
The wind told that I'm gonna lose,
The moon tempted me to stay
And the stars just can look,
But when I see the hindmost
I knew that it was worth,
And although no one can save me
I knew that many won't forget me,
And although the words delete
And the wind slides its evils,
I'm not even gonna think
I just will jump with more willing
Because I don't have nothing to lose
And I use to be indifferent
And no one use to listen to me
So that, I will fall again.

So as the time passes
Not caring to anything
So will grow up my indifference,
Indifference, indifference,
So as the time blows up
Not asking where it goes by
Also I'm gonna jump
Jump, jump.

Still pretending that nothing happens
That my life doesn't worth it,
Who has the right to judge?
Who can show more heart?
I don't know if it's good or bad,
I don't care if I'm gonna go to the hell,
Keep in mind that I'm still loving God
Although God hates my feelings,
I can't shut up this sentiment
Which killing to my heart,
I know that you make bugs
And you want that I don't judge you do
I can't avoid to pay you
With the same misery that I swallowed
And the same way I'll spit out
So that, you just taste it
What in me stinks.

So as the time no looking
To the humanity it goes
In this way I'm gonna ignore you,
Ignore you, ignore you,
So as the time doesn't love
And never turn around
In this way I'm gonna hate you,
Hate you, hate you.

This time,
This time I won't yell,
This time I won't cry because you left
What's the point to suffer by a ignorant?
Who doesn't know what the life is
And believe that he lives young forever
But when everything will be wrinkled
There will be anyone who love you
Because everything uses to over
And although today you leave in this way
And you see the tears from this soul
You won't have another change at all,
For me, you are everything what I wanted,
But all goes in a second to the wasted
Like if I don't have nothing
In the heart to feed,
I can't pretend to live with a smile
When I want to cry with copiousness,
And how do you judge a feeling
Like if It were a human being?
If it's the most beautiful from this mistake
Because we are monsters
Human demons
Because we don't have love.

So as the time doesn't supplicate
And never begs
In this way I'm gonna forgive,
Forgive, forgive,
So as the time makes mistakes
But never he regrets
In this way I'm gonna err,
Err, err.

God, God, God,
God, God, God.

Album: It's Not My Religion

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