Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Say Them

Say them,
Who perfect should be?

They've denied the right
To feel fear any time,
They judge your personality
For the material and what they watch outside,
You hit your self esteem
Demanding yourself above normal
But in you there's nothing to change
Because in this way you worth,
Let's feel the best
Because you are a champion
And when they want to jugde you
You can shut up them.

Don't live for somebody
Live for yourself,
Love yourself first
If you want to beloved,
And you will go beyond
Of your imagination
Just follow heart
If you want to love one,
Let's feel beautiful
Because you are God's creation,
And if you want more
Just hold on.

Because in you there's talent,
There's love in your body,
You get more of what you think
Just say them, just say them,
You can if you want it
And you're more what they're wacthing,
Say them. say them
That you can over it.

Say them that you shouldn't show them,
Say them that you can if you want it,
Say them that no one can be perfect,
No one has the right to judge you,
Say them that you're worth to love you,
Say them that there's more of what they know
Just say them.

Chapter II: Magical.

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