Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Broken Love

You got the world on your feet in this moment,
Everything spins around of your pretty ego,
But at bottom everyone's judging you
They're only masks who on the shades, they laugh of you,
What happened when it's over?
Because your attitude is get out you
From the beauty world where you live in,
But nobody cares about you.

How many times they run away with you money?
Telling you that their love will be sincere
But when they saw that you have nothing interesting,
They go away from the world that you want to implant them,
How many brokenhearted?
To satisfy your selfishness
But the time goes on so fast
And you will end in the same place where you took up.

Tell me, what will you do when it's over?
Tell me, who wants to love you in this way?
No one will love you when it's over
They love you for what you get.

'Cause you are empty
In you, there's no love,
'Cause you are alone,
No one wants your money,
'Cause you are ruined
When your gift says no more,
You are broken
Broken love.

Chapter II: Magical.

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