Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Don't Know What I Like More

I like your smile and your look
And how they shine on,
But I don't know what I like more,
When you speak and when you talk
Time where we're falling in love,
Because I don't know what I like more,
You know it,
That I know it,
I know that I can,
And get,
And possess,
And say.

I like write about you
Although actually you don't want
But I feel you in my room,
I like your trustful
And your aptitude,
For that, I don't know what I like more,
Just say me
What you want it,
And I will give,
 And forever
Just if you want it.

Because there's nothing
In this planet
And outspace
That I really want it.

You are my great dream
From I don't want to be awake,
You are all what I really like,
And for that, I wonder
What will it
What I like
More from your life?
Because if you would asked me that today
I wouldn't had answer.

Chapter V: My Universe

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