Sunday, May 19, 2013

Please, Stay Away

Why can you just touch my hand?
When what I want that you touch my heart,
If you want one moment with me, I will say this:
"I will give you my hands and voice but not my heart"
Because what I want is
Something meanful
Which builds my love
And destroy my head.

But if you want my body instead of my heart, be careful,
Because you will keep empty while you lose a great treasure,
I understand that you're broke because I'm also broke,
But I will leave your bed and leave you alone like the others men,
Because I just want
To be part of your life
In the same kind
That you are of mine.

Be together and unite,
In failures and succeeds,
Until God and our bodies
Let us to be.

Please, stay away if you just want a moment
Please, stay away if you don't want to love me,
I want to get older with you
I want to show you how,
How much I've loved you.

Chapter V: My Universe

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