Friday, May 31, 2013

Hold My Hand

Staying together,
We are stronger,
We will fight
In a coward world,
And when everything
Is looking so lost,
I won't stay away
In your side I will be,
I won't leave you then.

In the distance
So far away from home
I don't want to stop
To thinking
Creating moments
In the hereafter
Where I'd be your smile
And you'd be mine,
My glad.

Because I want to believe
In what it's not seen but feeling
One day this I will check it.

Hold my hand
Until the end of the time
Of the time,
I won't go away,
I will always be in your side,
In your side,
Doesn't matter the religion
Or what the people talk
As long as you love me
Hold my hand
Here I am,
Here I am.

Chapter V: My Universe

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