Monday, May 27, 2013

I Don't Need You

I don't want to feel beloved,
I don't want to live put-upon,
I don't want to be bound,
I don't want,
Because it's not have sense
To live in unreal thing
If there's not love between it,
There isn't.

If you think
That I will die
Because you leave
You are so naive,
Now I am happy
Because I'm free
Over again.

Sucker illusion
It will leave soon
When you're with your own,
But I say you
That I don't want
Your soul.

I don't need your hugs,
I don't need your laugh,
To feel wanted and beloved
So you can carry this bone to another dog,
I don't need your cajolery,
I don't need your judgements
To control the balance of my universe
Because I find my equilibrium today,
I don't need you
To feel beloved,
So that, say goodbye
Of what you're doing
Because it isnt working out
I don't need you.

Chapter V: My Universe

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