Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hey, Hey, Yeah You

Because you haven't discovered nothing of this,
I can be saint but also sinful,
'Cause I can fill your life of pasion,
And I will say that I will never be perfect
Because yeah, I am a stupid proud
But in the same way I can be no,
Because you are what I want
And I will be what you've looked for,
Just tell me that is true
Or am I am dreaming with you?

Because I will find the way to heal 
The wounds that you have in your heart now,
I want to be the hero of your story,
I am not like any guy who you've met
Because I don't search money or sex
What I want is where your heart is,
Because you are my great dream
And I will comply all of your dreams
So I have to sell my soul to the Devil
To find the happiness that you've looked for

Because so like I am in the palms of your hands
You are tangled between my fingers
And in the moment that you taste my love
You will be hypnotize of my soul.

Hey, hey, yeah you,
I know that you like me,
Hey, hey, yeah you,
You know that I've liked you,
Hey, hey, yeah you,
I want to be more that your friend,
Hey, hey, yeah you,
And If I say you this,
Hey, hey, yeah you,
Because it is not a secret,
Hey, hey, yeah you,
Don't waste the moment.

Chapter V: My Universe

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