Saturday, May 18, 2013

Would Give

Tell me, why?
I'm not gonna...

I feel that it's not working out
To have my heart ready and pure
Because all what I get
It's superficial and vain,
I just want to love
And it's something that it goes now
Because there's not anything
That I can avoid,
But I have you in my side
And I wonder to myself
If you will be looking up
What I got
Because I...

I spend nights without sleep,
Now even I don't want to sing
And I waste all my day
Thinking how you will be,
How do I erase your kisses?
Well even I feel them in my body
And you know that I don't lie
When I write it
But I am in your side
And I know that you want one time
When I would bright your ride
Because I...

I would give my soul to the Devil for your heart
Without must,
I would give my voice and resign of my dream
To make true your dream,
I love you, want you, adore you and admire you
But I'm still doubting
Because I feel that you're still fall in love
But no of my soul.

Chapter V: My Universe

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