Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Never Be

Sometimes I look in the mirror
And see that the years passed over me,
And I wonder
Will you love me in this form?
Sometimes I would had liked
That you would had met me years ago,
When without afraid
You would had liked me,
Now I don't like
This selfish guy
Who wants to conquer ya.

Sometimes I dream in a world
Where I be the centerfold
And I crash
With the flat,
Because I know that I have no kind,
My life is a lie
But now
You are my trust,
Let me in,
I'm not gonna defraud you
Because I'm changing for you.

I don't want another link
Where I don't have any love,
But I want, but I love,
Turn to stone
Today you find me
And now I don't want to think.

I'll never be
What you want it
But I will enforce
To love you,
You'll never be
What I want it
But in this form
I want to love you.

Chapter V: My Universe

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