Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Selfish Teardrops

I don't know why the world had done this,
God left me alone and I don't even understand,
When I gave my heart and until my body
To make the goodness to everybody
But i feel so miserable
That I shouldn't knew you.

The kisses were rejected,
The hugs run away,
The support that I never get,
The dreams which are in silence,
And I'm still wondering
What the next of this?

If you want to see my tears
Since its first evidence
You will see how the teared me up
And even so you get in and abuse me,
You manipulate me without measure
To not hurt my soul,
God, why don't you leave alone?

My selfish teardrops
Don't want to stop,
My destroyed humility
Don't want to revive,
My nobility
Cover in the arrongancy
To not be hurted

Chapter V: My Universe

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