Monday, May 20, 2013

Finally I Forget You

Crossing those halls
That one day we walked,
I had afraid to face it
But there wasn't any fear,
And today I wonder
Why this happened to me
When I swear for you love,
But today I get it
And I don't need explanations,
'Cause I never have loved you
For that, I say you:

I never liked acting
But for you, you liked,
Now I want to sing
And I'm gonna find the way,
I am not wounded
But there's not pressure
To keep trying
To find the way
To say goodbye
When I am the winner
For that, I say it:

I don't care when you are,
Or who you are with or how you are,
Because I should confess you
That I never loved you
And to the shit I throw it up
Because I already don't know who you are,
'Cause finally I forget you.

Chapter V: My Universe

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