Monday, May 20, 2013

Nobody Is Perfect

I am not the best decision
Or neither the worse,
I prefer to see you eyes again
And search in your inner,
And say you
And hear you.

Then I find myself in this question,
'Cause nobody wants to love,
My soul is broken into a lot of pieces
If you don't want my heartbeat,
Now you see,
Now you think.

Because I want to give you my heart
Been shattered
And take the risk
To break it up.

Nobody is perfect
Although I look for someone then,
Nobody knows what love is
And how give it,
If you don't break your heartbeat

Nobody is perfect
And I am one of them,
Nobody knows what love is
If you feel afraid of it,
I want to break my heart
If required that
To have your heart.

Chapter V: My Universe

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  1. it's amazing...this it's very good @JocelynGnz