Sunday, May 26, 2013

You Make Me Sing

I don't wanna live
So be it, be it.

 I want you between my restless fingers,
I want to know your body with my hands
And with wild kisses give you another reason
To get out your heart and express your love
And in this moment
You don't have choice.

Because when I'm right your side, I'm myself
I don't need be other who I've not been,
Because I am lucky to conquer your love
I feel so grateful to have you beside me
The time came
To feel it.

Kiss me again
So softly,
Touch me with you soul
I want to know you.

You make me sing,
You make me scream
That I don't want anything
More in my life
Than feel you, just you
Inside my heart
Because without ya
I don't want to live
So be it, be it.

Chapter V: My Universe

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