Thursday, September 26, 2013

You'll Always Be In My Heart

I knew that day would come
When you would say no more
And from my side you'd go
And you wouldn't return.

Today I am in my room
Thinking about what it happened
With the gifts that I bought
That I never I could give you
But it's time to walk away.

Today I write another book
About of a new love who comes
Perhaps I had learnt
Or maybe I should grow up yet.

But of something I'm sure
It's that I go so far away
With my heart, bleeding and broken
You stealed from it, some peaces
Although in this way I can live it.

In the good or in the bad
I would had been in your side
Without doubts to think it up.

The first and the one
Of my love and my heart
You would had been at.

'Cause my voice and my heart
Was what you looked for up
Before what I got.

But it's time to say good bye

Our time is past
And knock the future
I wish you love and succeed
Although I have to say you this.

That I would have like
Dedicate you another chant,
Today I go without that
But you'll always be in my heart.

Chapter VI: My Heart Was Yours

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