Friday, September 6, 2013

Love, Whim Or Obsession

While I slide myself over your face
You made fun about my feelings,
While the art covered your body
The devil fulled my soul
Because I'm evil.

Who knew that the first day that I've seen you
I would slide like an animal over your mouth,
Because I wanted to give you love
But it lacks of itself now
Because I'm evil.

And this time
You will ask, why?
And the same time
I will say you "Alright"
Because it's the right.

I've known three fools guys,
Stupid, ridiculous and pathetic
But it's not everything
Becasue blind and deaf
And also dumb kids
They're not good to loving.

I don't wish you love, happiness and succeed
So do not wait for it,
Neither I'll say to the wiches and wizards
That destroy your life.

But if you have to pay your sins
You feel my grief,
It's not love, whim or obsession
It's just my worst wrong.

Chapter VI: Our Love.

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