Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Our Love

I want to be sincere with you
I am afraid to be in love
Because little by little you're closer to my soul
But I'm still believing on
That I don't deserve at all.

I advance to the facts and wonder
Will there be a future where the earth
Can see the love what I feel for you?
But I understand it
That this is ours.

I want that the world knows
That you're owner of my soul
Because today I thanks to my God
That in this world
I am yours.

I want that you make mistake to love me
And I will do the possible by conquer you
For I can be what I really want to be.

Because I adore your smile
And the bright that I see to watch
That there's not highlights when you kiss
And those words that you steal from me.

Doesn't matter what the people talks
Because what I feel I never going to deny
It's their religion
And thinking
But this is our love.

Chapter VI: Our Love.

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