Sunday, September 15, 2013

Love's Prison

It has passed the time
Enclosed in this side,
In this love's prison
Where you have settled.

I am afraid
To give everything
And don't get anything
Like ever it have been.

I deserve sing
The notes that I wanted to delete
Because I didn't want to hurt your feelings
And protected your lifetime
But it's enough time.

I don't want to run anymore
Walking away of the truth
Well I don't have anything to hide
Because I don't have self-distrust.

But, but
I'm gonna love like if I never had loved,
I'm gonna sing like if I never have sung,
'Cause I, 'Cause I
I say goodbye, good bye.

I'm gonna fight like if I never had fought
I will guard the treasure that I got,
Please, please,
Leave, leave.

Chapter VI: Our Love

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