Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Excuse me 'cause I go begging love
Asking alms of love,
Excuse me if I made you waste time
Well you don't have for yourselt at.

But honey, I don't regret it
To say what I feel it
Because honey, it's a tribulation
To fall in love.

Because God fullfills my prayers
Today you would be out form my feelings,
Because if I could sell my soul
I would ask withou doubt that you won't come

That's it
What it's happening
Because today I am bad
And I throw away from my heart

And you know
That I will not come
Because I comply what I say
And assume my liabilities

Be fall in love...

Of someone who don't know what love is
And look for desperate in places
Where sun doesn't have sense
And there's not closets.

My worst mistke was be the searcher
Instead of be the found,
Because today I understand
That you are another abortion
Who search sex
And doesn't have feelings.

Chapter VI: Our Love.

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