Sunday, September 1, 2013

Crazy And Silly Love

I don't have libretto anymore
And I forget the lines in this show
To say you what I want
When you are in my world.
My mind is so white
And don't get any right
When I am between your eyes
There's not space or time.
Because I am falling in love
Althougt I swear to my soul
That I won't fall in this hole
But now suspricily I fall.

I spend a lot of time
Thinking in your bright,
While the other part
I think how I caught.
Because I feel so numb
To not know how I got
Your beautiful heart
Without try to take your time,
But you come and smile
And I can not deny
That I lose a lot of time
To regret of my smile.

And I become a fool in love
Jealous, impulsive and crazy boy,
Stupidly insane
And you don't realize what I make,
And now I have a puzzle in my way
With blindfolded and in silence
I look for you in the walls
But I don't find you in my route.

Crazy and silly love
Tell me, what do I do with you?
Because you know, somehow
My heart have became in some,
Something loses in fairy tales
Or prototypes of the internet,
I don't feel and think anymore
If I am not close of your soul.

Chapter VI: Our Love

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