Monday, September 2, 2013

Love Dealer

I don't have place in any religion
Until the same God said me goodbye
While the rest of world said I'm wrong
Thinking that they were right.

But I found you that night
Sitting down in that star,
You naked my spirit and heart
While you sang without stop.

His hands travelling my body
Over the way of his own lips,
His voice had that feeling
Of pain and pleasure in it.

And in the whispers
He showed me
That his love was like heroin
Well just it was a fantasy.

He wrote my name
With the blood that sprang from my hand
And in that moment
I shaked.

But you were in my body
While you hold my breast
And in this time
We are one.

I am the love dealer
Today is yours but it has a high cost
Give me your soul and fever
And all what you want, be yours.

I promise.

Chapter VI: Our Love

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