Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ray Of Love

Lost in the dark
I looked for of thousand wise
The door which leads me
At the exit.

It was when I heard your voice
Giving me that love
That I lost of kid
But now it glows.

Light my soul
Light my core
And let me know
In the melodies
Which stars sings
While the world listen to it.

Let rain today over me
Because over my voice
You put under of it
My soul.

While between the music
The rhythm and harmony
They hug and kiss
In the symphony.

When I'll sing with fury
The euphoria which provokes my loving
And in you I'll fall
On and on and on.

Ray of love
That today it's in my soul
Bring me with you glow
The love cover in plastic neon.

Ray of love
That today it's over my voice
Fall in love the hears
When I sing your song.

Chapter VI: Our Love

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