Monday, September 30, 2013

Turn On The Alarms

Don't stop to love
This is your life,
Leave that lie
And turn on the alarms.

Don't let they fool you
With this vain religosity
They just sell your soul
With the tithes and offerings.

Therefore it's moment that you go
In the same way that they go
When they know that you're gay
And you're between their fingers.

Listen to now
And proclaim
For a New World Order.

You shouldn't change
Your personality
This is yours
And your signature
Although they hate it.

Because we aren't welcome to their universe
They just want to feel our pain
It is their feed
And joy

Do you want this
Change your attitude
For the senescence
From the multitude?

Turn on the alarms
Don't let they say that
Or who you should love at.

Turn on the alarms
The time came up
To our taking back

Turn on the alarms
Because this homophobic society
We're gonna smash

Turn on the alarms,
Turn on the alarms,
Tell me if you would like that
Tell me if you would like that.

Chapter VI: My Heart Was Yours.

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