Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sticky Tape

Maybe you can not see
Or feel the same things
That I feel now for it.

Because like you come, you go
You look for love in other home
And you broke my crystal heart at all.

Because I won't be the same
When you begged me sorry
So well you didn't find love in it

Because my eyes don't shine anymore
With the same clarity at all
When I will see your soul.

Between trust
You will lose the life
If you give your spirit and heart
To someone who don't worth that,
And at the end
There's not way
Because what you did, it's doing
And there's not returning.

Because my heart is a crystal

Don't pretend to fix the things
With promises that you never will
Don't pretend repair my brokenhearted
With only sticky tape.

Chapter VI: Our Love

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