Wednesday, September 11, 2013

As Long As I Have Your Love

It can be that today the world ends
And we are destinated to the hell
Or one day when I'll open my eyes
And I have lost the sight.

Or my voice would lose in the silence
And I cannot sing  love songs
Or my heart lose the rhythm
And it cannot emit any emotion

The words can lose its rhythm
And I don't have the talent to find it,
Or I am here alone in the world
And from my eyes don't sprout any teardrops

That the colors don't have sense
And I cannot distinguish the black and white
Or I lose the faith about my dreams
And I don't have reason except live right your side.

But as long as I have your love
And all your soul
It will be enough the world.

As long as I have your voice
Telling "I Love You"
My hell becomes in my Heaven.

Because I love you so
And you're my world,
If I have yor love
Everything will be good.

Chapter VI: Our Love

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