Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Can't Save Me

Written by Damian

Doesn't matter what the others say
But this is my fate
And of this way
I wanna learn.

Because God always put me in the last place
And by the way
His children hate me so well
And I get it.

But I did a pact with the devil
And all what we agreed on,
God can not even see me
Therefore you should understand.

That I don't have anything to change
Or hide my personality
Of a vain religiosity
And artificial things.

But it's not enought bring me freedom
But with it he gave me the peace
To love with my soul
Who I want it.

Because my best friend is the devil
He loves me like I am and never say me no,
Therefore God should know all of this
Before I walk away again.

Because you should rescue me
But you leave,
I stand up myself and save myself
I am my own redeemer.

Don't save me,
Don't save me.

You can't save me,
You can't love me,
You can't search me,
You can't.

You can't save me,
You can't hurt me,
You can't tame me,
You can't

You can't save me.

Chapter VI: My Heart Was Yours

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